Skill level
3 Competent

In 2000, at OnlineFocus, I started using MySQL for various J2EE web app projects. And, I used it again in 2005 for a J2EE full stack music artist search engine project for Yahoo! Research Labs. And, used it again indirectly behind a content management system for a social networking project at Prolog in 2012. And, I am using it again for this personal website. I am quite familiar with the MySQL language and command-line tools. I'm also familiar with the web-based phpMyAdmin tool. Back in 2000, MySQL lacked any sort of transaction mechanism, but that has now changed. I am currently using MySQL 5.7 for this website.

Experiences using this skill are shown below:

Prior Work

2002 — 2006
Zaun Consulting (self-employed) [Boulder Creek, CA]
Yahoo! Research Labs (research lab) [Burbank, CA]
The Burke Institute, (education foundation) [Santa Cruz, CA]