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3 Competent

At Barco Labs in 2017, we decided to use the Angular-Meteor framework for our anomaly-detection machine-learning project. Angular-Meteor depends on MongoDB. Meteor hides the details of these transactions so I didn't have to know much about the MondoDB API. For debugging, I used the Robo 3T GUI tool to inspect the MongoDB object-store. However, we also needed to store recorded anomaly-detection info in a timeline stored on another server and since MongoDB was already being used by Angular-Meteor, I decided to use it to store the video data provided by the other server as well. This required direct access to the MongoDB API since these transactions were outside the scope of the Angular-Meteor web app. Consequently, I became fairly familiar with the MongoDB API.

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Barco Labs (research)

[I know, this section just echos the same stuff as on the résumé. I plan to expand later.] Worked with PhDs, staff and university interns researching disruptive technologies. Barco Labs deliverables are research papers, patents and demos. Any research that might become a viable product in 2 to 5 years is then passed off to one of the product divisions. (Due to the trade secret nature of this research some details cannot be revealed.) Accomplishments: