augmented reality

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2 Intermediate skills

I have been using a number of OpenCV techniques with Python and numpy to do augmented or mixed reality in live video streams using homography, perspective transforms and perspective warping to seamlessly place planar objects into video scenes. The goal is to seamlessly improve the readability of information in the live video that would otherwise be too fuzzy or overexposed to be of much use. This is explained a bit further under the skill homography.

Experiences using this skill are shown below:

Barco Labs (research)

[I know, this section just echos the same stuff as on the résumé. I plan to expand later.] Worked with PhDs, staff and university interns researching disruptive technologies. Barco Labs deliverables are research papers, patents and demos. Any research that might become a viable product in 2 to 5 years is then passed off to one of the product divisions. (Due to the trade secret nature of this research some details cannot be revealed.) Accomplishments: