Skill level
5 Expert

I learned about JSON while working with the Burke Institute in 2002. It was appealing because it was much simpler then XML and more compatible with JavaScript as you could simply parse JSON by using the JavaScript eval function to turn the JSON payload into a tree of JavaScript objects, (well, except for certain unescaped characters and security issues with code injection that caused eval to misbehave).

At the time, JSON lacked schemas and it was not possible to insert comments unlike XML. But, now JSON has been extended to include all that. So, I now use JSON schemas and JSON within websockets and non-SQL databases such as IndexedDB and MongoDB.

Experiences using this skill are shown below:

FlyteComm map clients

Designed and implemented complex, real-time, universal map display applications in Adobe Flash for the web and CocoaTouch for the Apple iPad that yielded a significant increase in revenue and helped achieve financial independence for the company (according to the President/CEO, Maurice Bailey).

Prior Work

2002 — 2006
Zaun Consulting (self-employed) [Boulder Creek, CA]
Yahoo! Research Labs (research lab) [Burbank, CA]
The Burke Institute, (education foundation) [Santa Cruz, CA]