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The Exchange Web Services (EWS) protocol is a SOAP-XML based protocol that allows clients to interact with the Microsoft Exchange server to send and receive e-mails, calendar events and everything else Microsoft Exchange supports. Since it is (was?) the enterprise e-mail system of choice at many companies including Barco, any applications that I wrote involving corporate e-mails, calendars and meetings needed to use EWS as late as 2019. Given that EWS predates CORS, it currently isn't possible to talk to Exchange servers directly from modern web browsers (that block servers that don't support CORS). Therefore, using communications mechanisms that bypass modern web browsers is now essential. I have used various NodeJS modules for EWS. Fortunately, Barco is moving to Office-365 and EWS can finally be put to rest.

I've also used the more modern CalDAV protocol for access to Google and Apple calendars in the same applications.

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Barco Labs (research)

[I know, this section just echos the same stuff as on the résumé. I plan to expand later.] Worked with PhDs, staff and university interns researching disruptive technologies. Barco Labs deliverables are research papers, patents and demos. Any research that might become a viable product in 2 to 5 years is then passed off to one of the product divisions. (Due to the trade secret nature of this research some details cannot be revealed.) Accomplishments: