Premiere Pro

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2 Intermediate skills

I use Premiere Pro to create videos of my Barco Labs research which I present to my remote colleagues in Belgium during status meetings. Trying to demo something live during an online status meetings is usually too problematic. Therefore, I use Premiere Pro to remove goofs and dead times in my research presentations combined with an audio narration track and additional visuals to direct my remote colleague's attention as efficiently as possible. I generally create videos lasting just a few minutes to minimize the impact on meeting times and attention spans. The nice thing about creating these MP4 videos is that they are archived and often presented later to other stakeholders. Premiere Pro has been a very useful tool for remote collaboration.

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Barco Labs (research)

[I know, this section just echos the same stuff as on the résumé. I plan to expand later.] Worked with PhDs, staff and university interns researching disruptive technologies. Barco Labs deliverables are research papers, patents and demos. Any research that might become a viable product in 2 to 5 years is then passed off to one of the product divisions. (Due to the trade secret nature of this research some details cannot be revealed.) Accomplishments: