Skill level
3 Competent

Audition is my sound editor of choice. While working at Barco Labs I fixed audio problems (like hum or other types of background noise) preparing video presentations of my research when it wasn't possible to re-record. I have also been using Audition on a regular basis for my own personal music editing and have gotten quite good doing multi-track mix downs, adding audio effects (like reverb or parametric EQ) and exporting in different audio formats.

Experiences using this skill are shown below:

Barco Labs (research)

[I know, this section just echos the same stuff as on the résumé. I plan to expand later.] Worked with PhDs, staff and university interns researching disruptive technologies. Barco Labs deliverables are research papers, patents and demos. Any research that might become a viable product in 2 to 5 years is then passed off to one of the product divisions. (Due to the trade secret nature of this research some details cannot be revealed.) Accomplishments: