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2000 — 2001
Onlinefocus, Inc., (web consulting) [Cupertino, CA]
Designed FedEx's content management system which helped FedEx win the 2000 WebAward for best transportation website with a 55% increase in website utilization. Also introduced new software technologies, mentored junior engineers, conducted client interviews, instituted engineering policy, and lead engineering development in the following:
  • Designed FedEx's web content management system that managed ~100,000 pages of web content for 240 countries in a dozen languages. The system, driven by XML site architecture maps, helped FedEx win the 2000 WMA WebAward for best transportation web site and helped increased site utilization by 55%. At that time, FedEx wanted all the web pages to be static. I designed the FedEx content management system to combine hundreds of XML templates with thousands of bits of dynamic content to yield tens of thousands of static pages for every country and language FedEx served. The dynamic content included different currencies, different weights and measures for packages, different rules and regulations which varied by country, different office addresses and phone numbers, and so on. XSLT and XPath were used to process the templates and dynamic content in order to generate all the static page content. The system also managed the URL linking between pages in a very deep hierarchy. Whole sets of static HTML pages where then delivered to FedEx to be put up on their site. In addition, sets of page templates for a dozen different languages where managed including two dialects of Chinese, Japanese, Arabic and Hebrew which was quite a challenge. UTF encoding was used internally throughout with conversions to/from Big5 (Chinese) and other regional character encodings as needed. This brute force approach to site content yielded a very reliable and searchable site with some of the highest performance benchmarks of any site on the web. FedEx was ranked in the top 5 of the Keynote Business 40 Internet Performance Index for 2000. (Shipment tracking and other web app. based activities where handled by another agency.)
  • Designed, deployed and operated a customer relations management (CRM) application on multiple Sun Netris servers for the Microsoft Office Users Specialist Certification (MOUS) program with a very high participation rate of 14%. The CRM application sent personalized, targeted emails inviting participation in dynamic marketing surveys with follow-up thank-you responses and sweepstakes drawings.
  • Assumed the development of the Playtex Bra web site from another web agency adding a new autocriteria-adjusting search engine that yielded more follow-on work from Playtex. Also redesigned the web-based bra fitting calculator. Learned more about bra styles and fitting then I ever wanted to know.
  • Delivered a prototype PalmOS shipment tracking application to FedEx Wireless ahead of schedule.
  • Created other sites with JSP custom tags, DHTML/Javascript and Flash 5 ActionScript. Performed nearly all sysadmin activities needed to deploy web server applications on UNIX hosts.

[Java, JSP, Apache, Tomcat, XPath, XSLT, DHTML, JavaScript, MySQL, Solaris, Flash 5, Flash AS1, internationalization, content management design]