Submitted by Jim Zaun on Thu, 07/09/2020 - 08:18
1993 — 1999
Microtec Research, Inc. and Mentor Graphics, (C++ IDE tools) [Santa Clara, CA]
Increased the performance of the Xray Debugger (a distributed C++ debugger for embedded systems) by 300% on Win32S, a port of Windows32 that ran on 16-bit Windows 3.1, through the clever use of coroutines which yielded record revenues for the company. The technique was such as hit that it was applied to the UNIX version of Xray as well. Microtec Research was then bought out my Mentor Graphics and became the Embedded Systems Division. I continued to work on Xray at Mentor Graphics redesigning the client/server infrastructure of the distributed debugger yielding dramatic improvements in reliability and a 30% reduction in code size after two previous attempts by other engineers ended with no real improvement. [MFC, C++, Solaris, HP/UX, recursive RPCs, Clearcase, Vrtx/Chorus]

Decided to leave the low-level and rather intense world of integrated development environments, programming languages and debuggers to reinvent myself as a web applications architect at the end of the millennium.