Enhanced the map tile servers with secure access

FlyteComm, Inc.
Mountain View, CA
May 2011
August 2011

Many of FlyteComm's customers had proprietary map overlays that they didn't want others to see. However, FlyteComm's array of virtualized map tile servers were shared among all customers. I updated my FastCGI tile server C++ code to authenticate every tile request using MD5 HMAC authentication using secret keys known only to the tile servers and ASP .NET app servers. (SHA would have been better but ASP .NET didn't have support for that at the time.) I also regenerated several proprietary customer map overlay tilesets using MapServer's custom styling effects including glow effects for easier readability. Here is an example:

Image courtesy of FlyteComm, Inc.. Used by permission.

The labels "Taylorville" and "Murray" with the orange outlines and "MURRAY FD" were styled via MapServer. The other labels like those in violet were rendered the old way (within the Flash Viewer itself) before we had upgraded to MapServer. The MapServer approach was better because it is compatible with all map viewers including the iOS Viewer and those based on OpenLayers.