Created a cool Flash Viewer steam-punk skin

FlyteComm, Inc.
Mountain View, CA
November 2010
December 2010

This was an interesting exercise in repurposing the Universal Flash Viewer for holiday fun. It required very little code rewriting other than writing a mock web services plug-in that played back canned data (Santa's sleigh ride path). The only other thing I had to do was create a new skin for the holidays and add some easter eggs (such as falling snow and country flags). I did the steam-punk styled graphics arts myself with some pretty cool 3-D effects. I also created the reindeer animations and just substituted one icon plug-in for another to make it appear. The reindeer behaved differently when standing around or when pulling the sleigh. Again, no code changes to the core Viewer were required. This just shows how the plug-in flexibility of the Universal Flash Viewer made it truly universal. Here's a screenshot from the site:

Image courtesy of FlyteComm, Inc.. Used by permission.

Here are the top and bottom steam-punk styled skins in more detail (as displayed in FlyteTrax, not the Santa Tracker):

Image courtesy of FlyteComm, Inc.. Used by permission.

The little screws changed appearance slightly when the cursor passed over them indicating the possibility there might be an easter egg or two lurking about.