FlyteComm map servers

FlyteComm, Inc.
Mountain View, CA
May 2010
August 2011

Engineered the high-performance tile-map server technology for the company that provided all the custom map overlays displayed by the universal map applications (above). Features included:

  • FastCGI native C++ code on multiple virtualized servers (managed by a VMWare hypervisor) with multiport network cards for very high throughput.
  • High-security access enforced by HMAC authorization and SSL on every tile request to keep customer’s map overlays private while saving costs using shared virtualized servers.
  • A virtualized PostgreSQL database with optimized quadtree-indexed geolocation lookups.

Redesigned the server infrastructure using SSL termination servers containing secure webagents for added security, layer-7 reverse proxies with automatic failover driving a set of backend ASPX and Linux map-tile servers resulting in increased scalability, security and reliability.
Designed the technology for geowarping, styling and generating the many terabytes of tile set images at 20 zoom levels for custom maps, aerial images and overlays.
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