Re-engineered the Flash Viewer Map Plug-in

FlyteComm, Inc.
Mountain View, CA
December 2010
February 2011

The redesigned map plug-in solved a long-standing problem with the old map plug-in that was actually a port of some old code written by someone else. The new plug-in required a lot less memory, was a lot less buggy and it could show dozens of different base maps from multiple map tile servers. All of this could be configured without touching any code (unlike route-me and OpenLayers). The map type selected in this screenshot was  the USGS topo map. The pushpin labels were draggable and individually displayable. In the screenshot below the labels on a cluster of pushpins were separated apart for better readability. As the labels were dragged, the distance from the label to the pushpin was shown. That provides a quick distance ruler. The copyright and attribution dialog was also shown together with the Viewer version and build date.

Image courtesy of FlyteComm, Inc.. Used by permission.