Enhanced the Flash Weather Plug-in with on-demand loading

FlyteComm, Inc.
Mountain View, CA
October 2010
November 2010

Refactored the previous weather plug-in I implemented to do on-demand loading of weather only when requested. The previous approach preloaded the weather in the background to speed delivery but that approach negatively affected overall Viewer performance. The weather animation in the new approach would start up soon as 2 layers were loaded and would automatically add more layers to the animation sequence as each layer became available. This provided on-demand loading with a fast initial presentation. This was quite tricky to implement as the server was asynchronously adding and removing weather image tilesets as the same time.

The Weather plug-in is setup to show animated radar (precipitation) in this screen shot with the loop control enabled and running at a medium fast rate (around 2 frames per sec.). Animation will occur even if all the weather layers have not yet been loaded. As each layer is loaded, it automatically gets added to the animation sequence.

Image courtesy of FlyteComm, Inc.. Used by permission.

This screen shows both radar (precipitation) and infrared satellite (cloud cover) with animation turned off.

Image courtesy of FlyteComm, Inc.. Used by permission.

In the screen shot above the label on the aircraft in the lower left corner is being dragged and while it is being dragged the Viewer shows the map distance between the aircraft and wherever the label is. This was my idea and a simple way to increase the usability of the product by combining it with another function of separating labels apart to reduce clutter. The image below is a closeup of that part of the screen. The units could be changed from English (shown here), to Metric or to Nautical in the user preferences.

Image courtesy of FlyteComm, Inc.. Used by permission.