FlyteComm map clients

FlyteComm, Inc.
Mountain View, CA
July 2012

Designed and implemented complex, real-time, universal map display applications in Adobe Flash for the web and CocoaTouch for the Apple iPad that yielded a significant increase in revenue and helped achieve financial independence for the company (according to the President/CEO, Maurice Bailey).

  • The Flash AS3 version was the centerpiece of all FlyteComm’s web products. The design provided a desktop-like experience on the web with draggable dialogs, server-defined forms, customizable skins and overlays, custom UI controls, animated visual and sonic effects and more than 20 custom plug-ins (via a custom dependency injection framework).
  • The iPad Obj-C prototype generated so much customer interest that it is was developed into a full product. The prototype design leveraged an open-source mapping framework heavily modified to support multiple map overlays, ARC and storyboards with a fair amount of custom security code.

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