Submitted by Jim Zaun on Fri, 06/11/2021 - 08:06


Instead of keeping private notes on how I have solved various technical issues, I have placed some of my notes here in the hope that others might find these solutions useful. This is not a blog as I do not intend to:

  • express any views or opinions,
  • review or compare anything (e.g. "The N best XYZs of 2021") nor,
  • promote any ideas, products or events.

I do not intend to post any solutions that can be wrapped up in a few minutes. These guides cover technical issues that have taken me hours or days to solve. That is why this section is not named "How-Tos" or "Tips and Tricks."

These guides provide solutions in complete detail unlike the subsections of my résumé where non-disclosure or trade-secret restrictions apply.

List of Guides

Adobe® Creative Suite™
These guides assume you have an Adobe Creative Cloud™ subscription.
Simulated hand-writing in Adobe® InDesign™
This guide describes a way of creating content that looks truly hand-written by randomizing the width, offset, slant and tint of individual font glyphs.
Ubiquiti® EdgeRouter™
These guides assume you have Ubiquiti® EdgeRouter™ hardware.